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characters, so that what might have happened, what might have been said will become a plausible reality.
I want my writing to give readers an informative and entertaining look at the past, hopefully stimulating further research and ideally promoting change. I have intended Geronimo's Daughter to honor the People--their courage and bravery, their humor and ingenuity, their endurance.

Q: What is this novel about?
A: At its core, Geronimo's Daughter is about identity. Maybe that's the central part of life for each of us, finding out who we are, what we are meant to do in life.

Q: How much of the book is fictional?
A: The framework of the book is factual and I've done a great deal of research to make sure the historical portions are correct and accurate. Occasionally, I condensed several battles into a single one, but I tried to make sure people could have been wherever I've placed them in the story. The little girl, her White Mountain Apache family and village, many of the cavalry, and some of the Chiricahua Apaches are fictional. I've tried to weave my fiction into the historical framework--as something that might have happened. If my book can honor the Apache tradition, encourage others to read and study history and change attitudes around us, then my book will be successful.
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Q: What do you like about writing historical fiction?
A: Historical fiction lets me spin magic, weaving personal memories into an authentic framework--into the "truth" of history--making the past so vivid the reader feels it. It should breathe and blow away the dust of long-ago, replacing it with red-blooded, charismatic, memorable